What We Do

With India’s, Pakistan and Bangladesh’s abundance of human resources puts us in an enviable position to be in as a recruitment agency. That there is a huge demand for qualified Indians, Identifying & Supplying Qualified, Experienced, & Dedicated Human Resource. To supply manpower to domestic employers.

Help in Obtaining attestation of certificate from the appropriate authorities. Facilitating Training. Arranging Ticketing Facilities.

We have excellent reach with various Foreign Missions and Emigration authorities, which help speed-up the Visa and Emigration process.

We are responsible for the arrangement of all the finally selected candidates until Visa, ticketing and all the required formalities for their deployment on the date specified by the clients observing all the required formalities.


We are an international recruiting, staffing, and job placement service provider for overseas and international businesses, start-ups and firms in various countries across the globe with the main focus being U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore.

We are one of the desired recruitment agents providing outsourcing services to global businesses from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our staff work 24/7 to provide all the solutions associated with the recruitment and manpower or everything you expect.

In placing unskilled, semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled personnel in the construction, maintenance and trading sectors globally.

We have been serving as recruitment agent in bringing together.

We source manpower for global jobs especially for jobs in gulf and to international recruitment and manpower recruitment from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We as a recruitment agency provide complete services for our clients from requirement mapping, short listing, interview, and employment contract and post recruitment services.

why India for recruitment

Understanding that Indians are highly skilled, Committed, Hard Working with Dedication and Determination.

What we do?

Our object is to recruit right people for the right job and our dedication is to satisfy the Employer and Employee.

A mobilization period of 6-12 weeks exists between the selection of a candidate and travel.

We are responsible for the checking of all Visa papers receipt and stamping, background/police checks and emigration clearances.

And a Mission – to help individuals who have ever dreamed of working abroad; where every one’s dreams come true! A nation’s strength rests in its diversity, we believe in that. With the indispensable efforts of our team, we intend to