At Naukri worldwide we believe in professional recruitment with a complete understanding of international manpower recruitment processes, we provide comprehensive HR services & recruitment solutions to maximize our clients’ manpower potential. 

We concentrate on finding and placing personnel, management, and labour for companies across all industry sectors globally

Hiring Process:

We not only identify the most competent candidates for the job but also assist in all phases of the hiring procedure to ensure that you secure the right candidate for employment.

We cater to all industries by placing personnel, experts, labour and management for companies across all industry sectors globally

Our Job Postings: 

We target advertising across all major recruitment sites and classified job sites. 

The hunt for quality talent can require overseas recruitment of particular skills. Being a global organization, we have placed job seekers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and worldwide across the globe in:

  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK


Although we have a strong database of candidates, we also advertise the required categories in leading English and Regional newspapers in all major Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh cities, and globally.

We also upload our client’s requirement on Job sites such as,,, and, etc.

Our Fees

We do not take a percentage of salary like a traditional recruitment agency and there are no hidden costs or placement fees for our clients (employers). We charge the candidate a recruitment fee, which is the only fee payable to us. We will solve your recruitment problems in locating potential candidates from local, national and global locations by industry, profession, and profile.

How We Search For The Right Candidate?

  • We have an up to date database for International Placements in all major spheres of employment.
  • With our experienced staff who have an extensive working knowledge of the international industries
  • We also work with several international recruitment consultancies, assisting with them with immigration and international legislation requirements.
  • Our working relations with Airlines, Travel agents, Government authorities and Consultants/ Embassies are all an advantage.


We prefer the selection process either by practical test or oral test, which is conducted under the direction of the authorized representatives. We arrange his/her accommodation, transport and all other support required for the purpose. Where entrusted by our client with the selection process of employees, we conduct it with our team of experts.

Orientation And Departure Guidance:

Once the candidate has been selected we give vital information to workers before traveling overseas about their responsibilities, accommodation and work environment abroad. 

We also inform the workers of up to date labour laws and industrial practices, safety issues, and other relevant issues of the country of employment. 

Our duties extend equally to all candidates in providing them with the best tools and resources to make their overseas job search a success. We have fixed service fees for all recruitment candidates, which provides for the best combination of price, service, and information.

Client recruitment Procedure – Our Responsibilities:

To begin with, the employer and the agency Naukri Worldwide should execute an agency agreement between them stating adequately the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from India. Pakistan and Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Worldwide.

All agreements regarding the terms and conditions to which the recruitment process will be executed should be signed by both the parties

1) Complete detailed understanding of Client’s Recruitment needs.

2) Categorization of all Job descriptions, Search criterion and Deployment Period.

3) Source Candidate via our Database/Advertisement to source Potential Candidates.

4) We prefer the selection of applicants either by the employer or his authorized representative. Arrangement of their accommodation, transport and all other logistic support required for the purpose will be provided. In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of candidates, we will be more than happy to conduct the process with the help of our team of experts.

5) Negotiation and letter offer: once the terms and conditions are agreed upon we shall then proceed to the letter offer for employment for presentation to the embassy/ Consulate concerned.

6) After final selection, we shall send the candidates for a medical check-up by a medical centre authorized by the Embassies of the country of employment.

7) Application for Visa Endorsement for selected candidates in the respective Embassy as authorized by the employer concerned.

8) Ticketing and Emigration: After clearance of all necessary traveling formalities, we facilitate ticketing and obtain Emigration Clearance from the concerned Govt. Dept. for the candidates.

9) We provide all candidates with basic guidelines for work before traveling abroad. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first-hand information on the work environment and of labour laws of the country of employment.

10) Keep in contact with the employee and monitor his progress for the first month of his working life abroad. We shall be responsible if the employee is not satisfied with his working life abroad and replace the employee.

11) We will cover all the costs if the candidate changes his mind and decides not to continue to work abroad. We shall send him back to his home country at our expense. We shall also replace the employee/candidate at our expenses for client satisfaction.

How We Work:

  • Client forwards details of employment, number of workers required, Duration of contract and Monthly salary for each job vacancy.
  • We search our database for the desired candidates .
  • We also advertise in leading newspapers and online job sites.
  • We screen all applicants through our expert staff.
  • We give practical interviews where necessary.
  • We finalize an interview via the employee or proceed as instructed by the employer to interview candidates on their behalf
  • We give full guidance for the completion of a medical examination.
  • We guide and advise in obtaining a visa for the selected candidates.
  • We help complete all immigration formalities.
  • We provide complete orientation regarding the company, job, and the laws of the country of employment, etc.
  • We give all necessary guidance regarding formalities at the point of airport departure.
  • We keep in contact with candidate for the first 6 months of employment and if need be for any reason will replace the candidate at our own cost for the employer.
  • We will cover all the costs if the candidate changes his mind and decides not to continue to work abroad. We shall send him back to his home country at our expense. We shall also replace the employee/candidate at our expenses for client satisfaction.

We are here to help in every step of the recruitment process with up to date information and advice from our staff of expert recruiters.