Why should we be appointed as Your Manpower Supplier?
Naukri worldwide overseas recruitment Services is a Certified organization in the United Kingdom and recognised by the Association for International Standards (UKAS). We are a Government Recognized Recruiting Agents recruiting mainly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and worldwide. Having been in business for past the15 years as major providers of qualified / skilled, and unskilled manpower to the Middle East. with our Head Office in the United Kingdom (UK).

We have highly experienced – qualified recruitment staff with an abundance of experience in all aspects of overseas job recruitment.

We have an extensive computerized data bank with access to leading premier job sites such as indeed, Times jobs and Monster, etc that have a large database for all industries meeting International Standards. We conduct extensive sourcing, interviews’ of the candidates worldwide to provide your company with the best staff.

How long will it take for me to enter my CV on the website?

The entire process should only take about less than 10 minutes. If you have a Word document open at the same time you can easily copy and paste the text from one to the other. Once you have registered, you can re-visit Naukriworldwide.com/jobs as often as you like to add / modify details to your CV.

I don’t have a Resume-CV?

We can help and create a professional Resume-CV for you. All you need to do is send all your work experience and Qualification’s that you have and our expert Resume-CV writers will create the perfect Resume-CV for you.

Can Naukriworldwide create a Professional Resume-CV for me?

Yes: We can create a professional Resume-CV for you. We use the basic information, technical details etc, and adjust all the content, to create the perfect Resume-CV, (WE create a fresh Resume-CV for those without a previous Resume-CV) conveying your message to ensure that you are the one the recruiter has been looking for.

What is the cost of creating a Resume-CV for you? 

Our price is fixed at 5,000 rupees (£50.00 UK pounds or $65 USA dollar)

The price includes unlimited revisions.

How can you apply for a job?
Once you find the job that you have interest in on our website then all you have to do is fill in the job application form and submit it to us.

By clicking on the title of a vacancy you wish to apply for, this will give you full details of the job vacancy as well as the option to apply.
You can apply for the vacancy by simply registering your details and CV on our website. This only takes a few minutes and only needs to be done once in order to apply for any jobs through our website.

What happens After I Register My Details and CV for a Job?
Our recruitment team will review your resume and if found suitable, we will start the enrolment procedure by first informing you that your resume was accepted and that if you would like to proceed with the overseas job application.

Once you commit to ta job application, we shall then need you to make the registration of payment £100.00 (10,000 Indian Rupees service fee)

When can I Expect a Response after a Successful Job Application?

Once you have applied for a particular job vacancy, all future correspondence lies solely at the discretion of the company providing employment. Which can take up to 10 to 15 days.

Once you commit to the job application we shall then need you to make the payment of £200.00 (20,000 rupees) enrolment fee, which will cover all fees for all visas, medical and consulate costs.

Why do I need to make the Registration – Enrollment Fees?

The registration – enrolment fee must be paid to eliminate time wasters (those candidates who change their mind about a job applied for, who don’t want to work abroad once all paperwork and visas have been issued).

We only want serious overseas job seekers to apply for jobs on our website.

Our Service fee of £100.00 (10,000 Indian Rupees) per candidate ensures that your job application is taken care of from start to finish.

The Enrollment fee of £200.00 (20,000 Indian rupees) ensures that all fees for all visas and consulate costs are provided for; our team of recruiters needs only100%, committed candidates.

Can the registration – Enrollment Fee be Refunded back to the Candidate?

YES, the registration – enrollment fee can be refunded if your job application is not successful or in special circumstances such as personal illness, death of a family member, personal or child illness, and maternity (expecting a child).

If you change your mind and decide not to work abroad then visa and consulate fees will be deducted only – depending on how far your application has progressed.

If your application is completed and you have your airline tickets and date of departure then you shall not be refunded any amount of the costs accrued.

How do I make Online Payment for Registration and Services Charges?

Registration service–enrollment fees can be made by the applicant online through our payment gateway on our website.

Payment made through our website is made through sage pay online payment provider which is secure and safe.

Once payment has been made you shall receive the confirmation of payment received by email, which shall also contain an invoice (receipt) for payments made to Naukriworldwide.

Payment can also be made by?

Bank Transfer, Mobile payment or World Money Transfer.

How can I transfer money from Abroad?

Visit a bank:

Many banks will allow you to make payment by filling out an application to remit money abroad. You may also be required to be an account holder at the particular bank of your choosing.

You will need to:

Show identification, such as a passport, Government ID card and Aadhaar card depending on your country of residence.

Give information on the recipient of your funds (Payment made out to the recipient: Naukriworldwide, including an account number to transfer the money to Show proof of the purpose of your remittance, such as an invoice from Naukriworldwide.

Use an Online Banking Service?

If your bank offers online banking services, you may be able to remit money online. Log in to your bank’s online service, and look for a “transfer” or “remittance” option. You will need to give information on the recipient of your funds (including an account number to transfer the money to), and you may need to show proof of the purpose of your remittance, such as an invoice from Naukriworldwide.

Use a Worldwide money transfer service?

Send a remittance in an international currency such as US dollars (USD), GPD (UK pounds) or Euro.

These include Money transfer such as? 

Ria money transfer – Western Union – Transfer Wise – XE money transfer -MoneyGram – Azimo – transfer wise – world Remit – Google Pay – 2Checkout – Stripe, etc

You can make payments Bank-to-Bank within your country?

You can make payment by bank-to-bank transfer to our Indian, or UK Bank account or use mobile payments, and other money transfers to our bank account.

Please confirm to us how you intend to make Payment?

Before sending any Payments please contact Us as Mistakes can be hard to Rectify.

We cannot accept any hand-to-hand cash payments.

What happens to my Resume posted on Naukriworldwide?
The Resume posted will go our Resume database Job Portal.
Naukriworldwide recruitment team will review the resume and consider it for suitable jobs.

How will I be notified about my overseas job application?

The Job Seeker will be notified by email if he /she is suitable to job overseas – where need be contacted by Phone/Mobile/Email.

How will I know If You have received my CV?
Once you apply for a vacancy through our website, you will receive an on-screen confirmation at the time of submission, as well as an automatic email confirmation.

How Should I follow up with Naukriworldwide regarding my application?

Yes. If you have been shortlisted for the position you have applied for, Naukriworldewide will contact you as to what must be done next. Please contact us with the required information to start your enrollment process.

If you don’t receive a response from us within 7 working days of sending us your CV, this will indicate that you were not shortlisted for the job you applied for. Please contact us for confirmation.

What happens to my application / CV is not accepted for the job I applied for?

If you are not accepted for the vacancy you applied for, your details will remain on our website for future reference. Your CV and details will be fully searchable by our clients, which means you may be contacted regarding other job positions that might be of interest to you.

If I have previously applied for a position but not been successful, can I apply for other positions advertised on your website?

Yes, you may apply for any job on our website as long as your CV has the right qualifications associated to the job.

If we forward your CV to your client are you guaranteed an interview?

NO, we put forward your CVs to our clients, those candidates who match the Job Description given to us by them. Our Clients will make the final decision as to which candidates they wish to interview.

This process can take several days, and in some cases longer. If you have not heard from us within 10 working days, you may assume that your CV not been accepted by our client for an interview. Please contact Us for any queries.

If a client has shortlisted your CV for an interview we will contact you to make the arrangements for enrollment process, interview etc.

After being interviewed by your Client, how and when will I know the outcome?

It can take up to 1-4 weeks for our Client to give us the outcome if you are the successful candidate. We will forward you the results as soon as we receive information from our Client. Do not follow up directly with our Client, as this will jeopardize your application. All communication must be made through Naukriworldwide.

Does Naukriworldwide actively look for employment for me?

No. As Recruitment Company we are appointed by our clients to identify and introduce candidates who match their requirements and only then we proceed with the recruitment process on their behalf.

Do I need Qualifications for the Jobs Posted on Naukriworldwide.com?

Yes and No – we have jobs with qualifications and jobs without qualifications.

You can see in the job description of what qualifications are needed and those jobs that do not require qualifications.

Are all the jobs advertised in your web pages still vacant?

Yes. We update the overseas jobs on a weekly basis on our website.

What industries do Naukriworldwide Specialize in?

Over the years we have specialized in the recruitment of skilled / unskilled manual workers in all industries such as:

Agriculture and horticulture industry, Air-conditioning & refrigeration industry, Aluminium, steel manufacturing & fabricating industry, Automobile engineering and workshops, Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals-Hospital services, Care Homes, Cleaning maintenance & utilities, Service Industry, Catering, Fast food, bakery and pastry industry, Fmcg (Fast-moving consumer goods) / supply chain, Furniture manufacturing industry, Hospitality-commercial & retail, It &telecommunication, Farming industry, Healthcare industry, Oil and Gas recruitment, Manufacturing (production) industry, Global Executive Search & Administrative Support, Health, Fitness & Sport Industry, Construction Industry, Industrial Interior/ Exterior design, Infrastructure Industry and Projects, Laundry & dry cleaning, services Industry, Power plants, Power generation & distribution services, Railways Sea-ports and cargo, Ship Building and repair yards, Solar Energy Generating systems Industry, Water treatment plant / Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) & Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP), Airport staff/ cruise line staff, Automotive industry.

For further inquires please contact us via the Contact Page“.