Recruitment Process

Job Hiring Process

At Naukri Worldwide we rely on professional recruitment values with an understanding of recruitment processes worldwide. We offer ample Human Resource services & recruitment solutions to increase the candidate’s potential in finding the right job for them. We aim in searching and placing skilled and unskilled manpower for various small to large multinational companies across all industry sectors worldwide. 

How We Do It?

We have a huge data bank for international job placements in all the major countries. We employ candidates worldwide and are equipped with experienced staff with a deep understanding and working knowledge of the international industries. We work with various international recruitment consultancies and partner with them for international immigration legislation requirements. We also have a strong network of Travel agents, Airlines, Government authorities, and Embassies.

Our International Recruitment Services

We offer immigration consultation in addition to recruitment packages to our prospective job candidates and current clients.

Hiring Process

Our recruitment services can recognize competent candidates for the various job vacancies present but we also assist all employment candidates in all stages of the hiring procedure to make sure that our clients get the right candidates.

All documentation work is also taken care of, such as:

All documents for the host countries as required and agency agreement documents according to the standard norms of the organization. 

From the demand letter, special Power of Attorney, employment contract, job description, copy of identity card or passport of the candidate, Prepaid Ticket Advice and any other papers to be completed according to the need of Government or Embassies involved.

We provide support in executing the above-stated documents and attesting from respective authorities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassies, Chamber of Commerce and Consulates in host countries.

Our Services Charge:

Based on each job vacancy, the candidate shall pay the agency a placement fee; the agency service fee is £100.00 each. (Approximately 10,000 Indian rupees).

Once the candidate has been accepted for his preferred job application, there is a one-off fee of £200.00 per candidate. (Approximately Rs.20, 000 Indian rupees) a fee price comprises of Emigration fee, visa fee and taxes payable to consulate and Insurance fee, etc. 

Once the payment of £200.00 per candidate has been paid, only then we shall go ahead with the recruitment process to completion – meaning that you arrive in the country of employment with all documentation and a start date for work and accommodation (where acomodation is offered).


Our fixed Recruitment Service Fee of £100.00 per candidate (Rs.10, 000) manages your hiring process from start to completion. The fee makes sure that our recruitment agents only deal with the most serious of applicants (no time wasters).

The Recruitment Fee of £200.00 per candidate (Rs.20, 000), for this fee we draft the job vacancy as per your requirements with guidance and advice. The fee also covers the cost of all Consulates, Embassy and other documentation work such as visas and other amenities for workers like transport, medical, air passage, and accommodation. 

Payment can be made by different modes of Payment such as:

NEFT / RTGS / DD / CHEQUE / Payumoney / 2Checkout / WESTERN UNION or Secure Online Payment via our website.

For more payment options and information, you can go to our FAQ page or contact us.  There may be other services charges according to the Government Rules and regulations of the destination country of work, which we shall update as necessary.



Once the potential candidate has been shortlisted, the next step is the selection, oral or practical test. The employer conducts these tests through a certified representative or a recruitment agent of Naukri Worldwide. We also make complete arrangements for accommodation and travel ensuring that the candidate reaches the oral or practical test on time.  

We have a strong and efficient database of unskilled and skilled manpower in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and globally. We services to our clients and prospects. We also believe in providing the desired job to all our candidates.


At Naukri Worldwide, we pledge to help you in every step of the recruitment process. We also offer information, advice to our customers and prospects through our expert recruiters who are up-to-date with the current trends of the employment industry.

The recruiting process starts with signing an agreement between the employer and Naukri Worldwide. The agreement contains the required terms and conditions associated with the demand and supply of manpower from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Globally. 


The employer issues a demand letter in favour of Naukri Worldwide recruitment agency describing the selected employment, monthly salary, number of workers required per category, duration of contract and other facilities for workers like medical, transport, air passage, accommodation, meals, vacation & leave salary, etc.


After issuing the demand letter, the next step is to assign a letter of authority that must be in the favour of Naukri Worldwide recruitment agents by the employer that has to be addressed in the favour of the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Worldwide, apprising them that NaukriWorldWide is the recruiting agency that is fully authorized to deal with delivery, submissions, and visa matters.


Agreement of employment is a standard employment contract that is signed between employer and employee.


We do the selection process by oral test or practical test that is conducted under the guidance of the authorized representative. We will provide all accommodation, transport and all other required support. Our recruitment experts undertake the proper selection & testing of all candidates. 

The documents required for attestation are as follows:

· Offer letter- the candidate should have a job offer letter from the recruitment agency and employer. The letter must not be older than 6 months.

· Passport copy & additional docs (Voter, government ID/ PAN Card /Aadhaar Card), etc.

· Visa letter: If the candidate is working in Saudi Arabia then a copy of the employment letter and experience letter on the company’s letterhead is required that must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia and Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

· Original Degree: The original degree attested by the Department of Higher Education of the respective state must be submitted to the respective embassy.

· University Verification: The candidate must obtain a letter from the respective University that his/her degree is genuine.

· Other documents may be required depending on the country of employment and its laws.


Trade tests are piloted for all technical personnel such as: electricians, technicians, welders, mechanics, and plumbers. We utilize technical institutes that are equipped with the finest workshop facilities to conduct these trade tests. Heavy-duty operators are tested on project sites. Trade tests are also conducted for Civil, Mechanical and Marine Engineers and many other professions. The Visa Documents, Passport and other documents, are then presented to the designated consulate for Visa stamping.


For the candidates that are selected, the visa can be applied for in the respective embassy as authorized by the employer. The various documents that are required are as follows:

· Invitation letter for the recruitment position of the job that is applied for.

· Original Contract associated with temporary work under the applicant’s name that is signed by the applicant and the sponsoring company. The work period shown in the contract must match to the period in the visa period. The contract must be stamped from the Chamber of Commerce/Embassy.

· Original degree that is duly attested by the concerned authorities, contact us for more details.

  • The certificate showing at least 2 years prior work experience (if needed) in a similar or related field of work that is stamped by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of residence. If the letter received is from a foreign company, then it must be stamped from the concerned Embassy.
  • Original passport: The applicant must have an original passport that is valid for at least 13 months minimum (longer may be needed depending on the country of work) with two blank pages facing each other 
  • Four-passport size colour photographs 2×2 (inches) with white background.


We offer immigration advice as a part of the recruitment package to our prospective candidates and current clients. We specialize in providing fast and dependable services, our experienced staff have a complete understanding of various intricacies involved in the international recruitment procedure. We have years of experience in processing thousands of travel documents ensuring that your visa is handled quickly.


As part of the selection procedure, all candidates will be sent for the medical check-up via an authorized medical centre of the respective Embassies of their country.


All candidates are required to have physical suitability and medical check by professional doctors to determine the health and physical fitness level of every candidate. Further, we also require endorsement from the Government authorities that you in good health.


We take the entire responsibility of the candidate even of minutest of details, for the benefit of our client and candidate. We arrange to and fro airline tickets as required, accommodation and all the paperwork through our worldwide networking. We also help to obtain “Emigration Clearance” from the concerned Government Department for the candidates.


Our recruitment agency provides vital direction for workers before traveling overseas. The candidates are informed in the understanding of their duties and responsibilities with the work environment of the overseas workplace. We also make the candidates understand the important features of labour laws of the country in which they are employed.


After the selection process is completed, clients (employers) are told regarding the arrival information of the candidates. We ensure that our clients must have sufficient time to receive the employee at the destination port during the time of arrival.